Richard Bryan McDaniel: Zen Profiles

Zen Profiles:

Conversations with Zen Teachers and Practitioners Throughout North America.

John Daido Loori

Zen Mountain Monastery [This is an abridgement of my chapter on ZMM in Cypress Trees in the Garden.] John Daido Loori, the founder of Zen Mountain Monastery, had been dead for four years when I visited ZMM in 2013 to conduct a series of interviews. On my second day, I was introduced to the monastery’s…

Katherine Senshin Griffith

Zen Center of Los Angeles Katherine Senshin Griffith is an actress, a writer, and a stand-up comedian. She is also the current head teacher at the Zen Center of Los Angeles. She was raised in Texas and, on occasion, slips back into the regional accent. Her father had been a professor at Our Lady of…

Kate Hartland

Bright Sea Zen Sangha, Weymouth, MA When Kate Hartland was growing up, her parents were atheists, but Kate wondered if she was missing something. “My neighbors were all involved in churches, and I felt the lack of something.” So at the age of ten, she walked to a local church, “maybe a mile away,” went…