Richard Bryan McDaniel: Zen Profiles

Zen Profiles:

Conversations with Zen Teachers and Practitioners from Throughout North America.

Sister Elaine MacInnes

Sister Elaine MacInnes died yesterday, November 29, 2022. She was 98 years old. She was a member of the order of Our Lady’s Missionaries and a recipient of the Order of Canada. She was also the first Canadian to be authorized to teach Zen, in fact she was one of the very first North AmericansContinue reading “Sister Elaine MacInnes”

Marinda de Beer

With virtually no prompting, Marinda de Beer reviews her early biography, born in South Africa, family moved to Canada when she was 11. Raised in the Methodist/United tradition but pulled away from Christianity when in college, rejecting the concept of God as a judgmental male figure. A 20-year career as a stage manager in Toronto.Continue reading Marinda de Beer

Janet Richardson

Sister Janet Richardson is a member of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace. I corresponded with her in 2015 as I was preparing my book, Catholicism and Zen, at which time I asked if she were retired. She wrote back to tell me: “I don’t think women religious ever retire. I am not gainfully employedContinue reading “Janet Richardson”