Richard Bryan McDaniel: Zen Profiles

Zen Profiles:

Conversations with Zen Teachers and Practitioners from Throughout North America.

Hugh Curran

The original Zen (Chan) masters in China were, at times, difficult to access. Their temples were often hidden away in the mountains, intentionally located far from larger population centers. Nor were they necessarily welcoming. Prospective students who found their way to the temple gates could be refused entry for days on end in order toContinue reading “Hugh Curran”

Seiju Bob Mammoser

Seiju Mammoser is the abbot of the Albuquerque Zen Center, as he was when I visited it in 2013. “My interest in starting the center here in the city was basically working man’s Zen. You had a job. You had a family. You had responsibilities. You wanted to do practice. I wanted something you couldContinue reading “Seiju Bob Mammoser”

Dharman Rice

When I visited Sunyana Graef’s Vermont Zen Center in May 2013, she introduced me to Dharman Rice who, at that time, taught the “Metta” course at the center. “There are many practices in Zen,” he tells me. “Zazen is the main one. There is chanting practice. The Metta practice is a practice of Loving Kindness,Continue reading “Dharman Rice”