Fredericton Zen Sitting Group

Thanks to the generosity of Wu’s Tai Chi Studio (328 King Street, over the Victory Meat Market), the Fredericton Zen Sitting Group will be gathering for an hour long meditation session every Tuesday evening from 8:00 to 9:00. There is limited space, but we do have room for a few more people. If you are missing the opportunity to sit with others, you are welcome to join us. There are mats, but no cushions or benches. Those you need to supply yourself. Feel free to come a little early to chat, but not until after 7:30 – in order to allow the Tai Chi class before us to wrap up before we arrive.

If the health regulations for indoor gatherings in New Brunswick become strict again, these sessions will cease. Please feel free to contact me directly if you’d like more information.

The Fredericton Zen Sitting group was established by the Montreal Zen Center and is currently affiliated with Thousand Harbours Zen (formerly Zen Nova Scotia).


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Visit the Fredericton Zen Sitting Group’s Facebook page for timely updates.

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